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SPRYE Valued Merchant Signs on Purchase Street Storefronts

You will start seeing SPRYE Valued Merchant signs on Purchase Street storefront windows in Rye this spring.

With the support of the Rye Chamber of Commerce, SPRYE is asking store and business owners to place the 3″ x 3″ sign in a conspicuous area on their windows. The sign shows a commitment from the store owners and managers that they will always provide extra help and reassurance for senior shoppers as they navigate the shop.
Some older shoppers and customers may need assistance navigating store displays or locating items; carrying items to the checkout counter or to their car. A SPRYE Valued Merchant recognizes older shoppers and is committed to going the extra mile for them.
Call 914-481-5706 and ask for Marie Johnson today to learn how your store or place of business can become a SPRYE Valued Merchant.